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Welcome to tomjuggler’s software showcase

I am a circus performer who uses electronics and programming to enhance my performance. Lately I have been documenting my projects at

import play.*
import work.*

boolean isLinux = true;
boolean isArduino = true;

void setup(){
  if(isLinux || isArduino){
  } else{

Here I will showcase all my (open source) Circus Scientist related projects.

Some of my favorite code examples:

Monkey Detector Android App:

Machine learning Android App to detect the presence of Vervet Monkeys (written in Kotlin). Check out the full tutorial at:


Parsing a reliable source of virus information for my country into a map, using Processing. Full tutorial with a graph and more on the website:

SmartPoi Android App and SmartPoi ESP8266 Firmware:

My 6 year long project to create the worlds first WiFi Streaming Graphic Poi. Used in many shows, I even sold a pair. This is the project where I learned the most. A bit of a mess but it works! Check out the write up here:

Arduino EEProm:

Here I show how to use the EEProm with Arduino to save states between boots. This method usually finds it’s way into my projects in one form or another.

Generating Arduino code from Processing:

The concept here is simple: get a Processing sketch to write your Arduino code for you. Here I provide a simple example to get the blink sketch generated, with a variable that the user can change.